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I cant canel my subscription

I cant canel my subscription. I dont recieve the verification code. How can I cancel?

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I cancelled my subscription in the iTunes Store last year and just got billed for it using PayPal. I double checked and I do not have it active in iTunes. How do I get my money back?
Alicia, did you figure out how to get a refund?
Same thing happened to me. I just submitted an ticket and I hope someone gets back to me soon regarding this. Does anyone know if there is a customer service phone number I can call or is the online ticket the only solution??
It took me a while to get a refund. They insisted I made the subscription on the website which may have been the case but I vividly remember cancelling through iTunes. I did not know that was wrong protocol and customer service did not want to give me a refund but I will not pay for products I haven’t and won’t use. Persistence was key.

I am having this same problem today. I just got charged $119.99 and I had cancelled through Google Play last year at some point. I think its BS that I got charged. If they won't refund me my money, I will dispute it through PayPal because its not ok to charge someone who cancelled something!!

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