If you have started the program and want to start over, you have two options:

You can reset from the beginning - to set a new start date, change your biometrics, and begin fresh.  

Once you select to begin, the app wants to lock you into your transformation path. But here's a cool little 'hack' to start over ;)
1 - Go to ME > PROGRAM 

2 - Select another transformation (Weight Loss, Physique, Cross Training)

3 - When the pop-up asks if you want to select THAT program, select 'Yes'

4 - Then touch the arrow in the upper left to go 'BACK'. This will override the system and place you back on the 'Select my Transformation' page. Now you can start fresh!!  


You can pause the workouts, then start back up when you are ready. 

To pause the app for any reason ((vacation, sick, injury, etc), simply click on ME > PROGRAM. Scroll down to just below Weight Goal and you will see “Pause Workouts”. Simply tap on the slider and it will PAUSE your workouts and videos.


You will still have full access to everything, except your workouts will remain paused until you are ready to begin again!